scrapped my first ld idea. I got a good ways in and liked what I made but realized that to have anything remotely ‘done’ by tomorrow I had to either cut way back, or start over. Might come back to original idea at some time in some way, but definitely not for ld. Learned a lot about unity (and also scoping and feature creep) though, so it’s not really a loss. Means whatever I end up putting out will be much less polished than I’d like though.

this is the start of the second try.

colors are super tentative rn (i did them at like 2 am and just realized that i basically yanked them from a 70s appliance ad), which strangely enough, aren’t very common in subways.

do you prefer the first or second gif? i think the x1 scaling is easier to read, but i kinda like the stylization? maybe better for a more open area tho?